Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown

At the age of eight, Shannon Brown wrote The Year Santa Forgot Christmas, a story that won acclaim from her third grade class and teacher. By the age of ten, she became the editor and chief, art director, and sole writer for Meow, a lifestyle magazine for cats. (Sadly no remaining copies are known to exist.) Today Shannon Brown is known as the author of Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen, a humorous, young adult novel about a teen that discovers what happened to a missing rock star.

Shannon is working on both a prequel and a sequel to her book. Eventually it will be a trilogy similar to Star Wars, but without those pesky light sabers and annoying Ewoks. She is also an accomplished writer of short stories and funny essays. She has been published in the Las Positas Anthology, The California Writers Club Tri Valley Anthology, and the Saturday Salon Literary Harvest.

Aside from her writing, Shannon runs the T-shirt Fort, a collection of web stores that sell cleaver, non-offensive T-shirts and gifts. She has a store full of designs related to her book.

Her other interests include digital photography, reading, graphic design, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, trying to figure out how to turn her cats into the next viral web sensations, and spending too much time surfing the web looking at other people’s pets. Shannon graduated from Chico State University. She resides in Dublin, California.


Website: Rock’N’Roll in Locker 17 


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