Eloise Hamann


Eloise Hamann

Eloise Hamann is a retired mathematics professor from San Jose State University, who was accused of being a poet in the math department because of the nature of her writing in memos calling for justice for faculty. Her deceased son, Shannon Hamann, was the real poet in the family. It was therapeutic to garner publication of a collection of his poetry, Deathdoubledactyl.  Eloise has wavered between writing and political activism since she retired, both of which she sees as means to creating a more just world. She finds herself at least as busy as she was as a faculty member and department chair at SJSU.

Inspired by the response to her self-published novel, Inhabited,   which she allowed to languish, she is now willing to attempt the required marketing. It was her distaste for the activity which turned her from writing to politics. She has finished many drafts of her second novel, and has short stories published in a number of anthologies including  Tides, Beyond the Window, and Capitivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans.


Website: ewritessite.wordpress.com

Twitter: @eloisehamann
Facebook: Eloise Hamann

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