Rhona Evangelista-Centeno


Rhona CentenoRhona Evangelista-Centeno’s goal is to focus on creative writing, poetry, non-fiction, and fiction, and publish her writings, including memoirs about her family, the Evangelistas, their contributions to Philippine history and her ancestors’ legacy of patriotism, integrity, and compassion.  The memoir chronicles her family’s harrowing experiences during the Spanish colonial war, World War II, and today’s political turmoil in the Philippines, how they survived exile, persecution, and annihilation, and its impacts on the family to this day.  Rhona and her family fled to the U.S. because the then tyrant Ferdinand Marcos had imposed martial law in the Philippines and Rhona’s family’s association with the Aquinos (Benigno Aquino, Sr. was assassinated; his wife, Corazon, became President, and their son, Benigno, Jr., is now President of the Philippines) put them on the endangered list during the Marcos regime.

Prior to this, Rhona raised three children with her husband, Armand Centeno.  Her professional life was dedicated to teaching and writing in the fields of education and business.  Rhona obtained a Master of Arts degree from Marquette University, Wisconsin, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education from St. Theresa’s College, Philippines, and attended Columbia University, New York, for post-graduate studies.

As Professor of English and Humanities, University of the East, Philippines, she taught English language skills, Literature, and the Humanities.  At Vista College, Oakland, she taught Oral and Written Communication to working professionals seeking to improve their professional lives through better communication.  At the Mission Language School, San Francisco, she taught English as a Second Language and as a Foreign Language to Hispanics.  She also wrote and developed communication guides/manuals for these classes.

In the business world, as Editor/Public Relations Officer, International Correspondent, and Technical Writer for AT&T (US) and AIG/Philamlife (Philippines) and later as IT Business Analyst, IT Project Manager and Technical Writer for Barclays Global Investors, her responsibilities included writing for company publications, documenting global/nationwide project processes, producing company manuals and user guides, making presentations/speeches, and conducting classes for her peers and upper management on oral and written communication.  The feedback she received from students, mentees, and business supervisors was most rewarding.


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