Ed Miracle

Ed Miracle

People write fiction because they like to tell stories. Or because they enjoy creating whole worlds out of words. Others plumb the depths of the human psyche through their fictional characters. Ed Miracle writes as a means to explore the social and emotional impacts of certain ideas–specifically those with the power to transform our lives. Ed’s forthcoming novel Freemaker  is a near-future, sociological exploration of what it would mean if matter and energy were easily interchanged, through a new technology based on Albert Einstein’s E=mc2.

Ed is a former nuclear submariner, a university graduate and a retired computer systems specialist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He writes six days a week, and hopes to find a publisher this year for Freemaker.

Ed served as Program Chair from 2010 to 2012. 


Website: www.edmiracle.com

Twitter:  @ed_miracle


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