Lani Longshore

Lani Longshore is  co-author (with Ann Anastasio) of Death By Chenille and When Chenille Is Not Enough, science fiction about quilters saving the world from aliens disguised as bolts of beige fabric. When Chenille Is Not Enough is also available at Barnes & Noble and Anastasio. The third novel in the series, The Chenille Ultimatum, will be published soon, and the co-authors have started work on a fourth novel, The Captain and Chenille. Lani’s solo work appears in Voices of The Valley: First Press (editor); Voices of The Valley: Encore; Voices of the Valley: Word for Word; Written Across The Genres; and Eve’s Requiem. Her stories also appear on






Facebook: Lani Longshore
Twitter: @longshore1769
Instagram: Lani Langshore
LinkedIn: Lani Langshore
Google+: Lani Langshore

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