High School Writing Contest 2013

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High School Writing Contest Awards 

May 19, 2013

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Pleasanton, California




Megan Chin

Megan Chin-Second Place Fiction

 1st – “A Shadow’s Release” by Jacob Smith

2nd – “Speak Out” by Megan Chin

3rd – “Diamond Horizon” by Lindsay Virgilio

Honorable Mention: “Here Be Dragons” by Jonathan Dadgari, “Nowhere” by Lauren Furman, “Pizza and Psychiatry” by Seddon Malchoz,  and “Wanderer” by Waverly Runion






Tchantz Ravazza-Third Place Poetry

Tchantz Ravazza-Third Place Poetry


1st – “Sentry of the Desert” by Kevin Yang

2nd – “The Working Class” by Waverly Runion

3rd – “Time” by Tchantz Ravazza

Honorable Mention: “Footsteps” by Alsion Spencer, “His Castle” by Gautam Ramesh, “Just One Year” by Andrea Ludwig, “Obesity – Open ’til Midnight or Later” by Joelle Victoriano, and “Paranoid” by Jessica Sher


Tiffany Kwan-First Place Essay

Tiffany Kwan-First Place Essay


1st – “Oasis” by Tiffany Kwan

2nd – “What is India to Me (Who Am I?)” by Phonharshini Sadasivam

3rd – “Sunset” by Alexandra Gladchenko

Honorable Mention: “Helping Janet” and “The Three No’s,” both by Katie Chan






Helper: Emese Bihari

Scribe: Patricia Boyle, Paula Chinick, Lynn Goodwin, Stacey Gustafson, Anne and Jim Koch, Lani Longshore, Diane Lovitt, Carole MacLean, Violet Carr Moore, Julie Royce, Elaine Schmitz, Sharon Svitak

 Mentor: Anonymous (multiple), Jordan Bernal, Pat Coyle, Victoria Emmons, Fred and Cathe Norman


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