Winterfest 2015

Winterfest Guidelines:

(Tri-Valley Writers members ONLY)

Phase One: Submission of Visual Arts

Submission Deadline: complete (click on thumbnails below to browse larger images)

Phase Two: Submit writings inspired by the art: poetry or prose

How to Submit: Send each writing to Make sure to put the title of the artwork in the subject line. Please include your name as the author under the title of the writing.

Writing Submission Deadline: December 31, 2014

Photograph: "2014 Visit" by Arleen Eagling

“2014 Visit” by Arleen Eagling

Drawing, Crayon: "Authoress" by Shelley Riley

“Authoress” by Shelley Riley

Crochet Dress: "Baptism of Demetria" by Mona Dawson

“Baptism of Demetria” by Mona Dawson

Photograph, Still Life: "Calla Lilly" by Camille DeFer Thompson

“Calla Lilly” by Camille DeFer Thompson

Photograph, Black & White: "Cattleman & Horse Trainer Hands" by Kay Speaks

“Cattleman & Horse Trainer Hands” by Kay Speaks

Sculpture, Porcelain: "Couple: My Love" by Reme Pick

“Couple: My Love” by Reme Pick

Painting, Acryllic: "Engine No. 2" by John G. Bluck

“Engine No. 2” by John G. Bluck

Sewing, Rice Paper Purse: "Evening Bag" by Sally L. Kimball

“Evening Bag” by Sally L. Kimball

Photography, Interior: "Face in the Wall" by Jordan Bernal

“Face in the Wall” by Jordan Bernal

Photography, Outdoor Sculpture: "Hall Air Swimmer" by Ronnie Holland

“Hall Air Swimmer” by Ronnie Holland

Photograph, Street Musician: "Head, Hands & Feet" by Linda Todd

“Head, Hands & Feet” by Linda Todd

Needlepoint Doorstop: "Hello, Kitty!" by Annette Langer

“Hello, Kitty!” by Annette Langer

Photograph: "Hey! Down Here" by Tara Farquhar

“Hey! Down Here” by Tara Farquhar

Drawing, Pencil w/ Posterboard mask: "Hoboken Basement" by G. Karl Kumfert

“Hoboken Basement” by G. Karl Kumfert

Painting, Oil: "Hummingbird Tree" by Stacey Gustafson

“Hummingbird Tree” by Stacey Gustafson

Photography, Still Life: "Inside Red Tulip with Rays" by Julaina Kleist-Corwin

“Inside Red Tulip with Rays” by Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Japanese Dolls: "Japanese Grandma & Grandpa" by Kathy Urban

“Japanese Grandma & Grandpa” by Kathy Urban

Quilt: "O Christmas Tree" by Elaine Schmitz

“O Christmas Tree” by Elaine Schmitz

Painting, Acrylic on Canvas: "Snowy Owl" by Karen Nuelle

“Snowy Owl” by Karen Nuelle

Photography, digitally altered: "Somewhere Out There" by Lani Longshore

“Somewhere Out There” by Lani Longshore

Porcelain Painting: "Spring Again" by Anne Koch

“Spring Again” by Anne Koch

Photography, B&W Landscape: "The Abandoned Post" by Shannon Brown

“The Abandoned Post” by Shannon Brown

Photography, Still Life: "The Sunroom" by Violet Carr Moore

“The Sunroom” by Violet Carr Moore

Quilt (original design): "Tidepools" by Diane Loveitt

“Tidepools” by Diane Loveitt

Soft Sculpture: "Yo Pumpkin" by Ruth Harder

“Yo Pumpkin” by Ruth Harder


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